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The purpose of the gastric sleeve surgery is to reduce the quantity of food a person is consuming. After this surgery, the patient should follow several dietary changes. This surgery does not guarantee weight loss and it is good to think this surgery as a tool that will help for a weight loss. To have an excellent weight loss, a person has to do their part. The gastric sleeve diet guidelines given below can help or a successful weight loss life.

Tips For Eating

Always have 3 meals every day. Snacking in-between meals has to be avoided because it can either stop weight loss or elevate weight gain due to the large intake of calories. Food has to be chewed slowly and completely. A person should at least take twenty minutes to complete a meal. Keep the fork down in-between each bite and chew each bite for twenty seven times 27 times. Bring the food to a paste consistency before swallowing. Always cut the food into tiny pieces because the food that is hard might not be received properly. Eat in small amounts as the new stomach will not be ready to hold more amount of food. Stop eating when the stomach is full and never overfill it.

Eat foods that are rich in protein as the body will need enough protein after surgery to develop, repair, and maintain the muscle tissue and organs. Deficiency of protein may cause fatigue, hair loss, and muscle wasting. The patient has to eat foods with high protein which includes lean meats, tofu, beans, and dairy food with low fat. The patient can also have supplements like protein shakes or any other supplements to make sure to meet the everyday protein needs. Foods with high sugar and fat has to be avoided and to have a proper loss in weight and to avoid gain in weight, the patient should stick to a balanced diet. Foods items in which sugar and fat are high are considered to be empty calories and such food will not have any vitamins or nutrients. Avoid drinking watery substances thirty minutes before the meals, drinking while eating has to be avoided and always wait for thirty minutes after meals for fluid intake.

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