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Every individual aspires to have a perfect body but owing to the current lifestyle and work routines, this has become quite difficult. People do not find the time to make efforts towards achieving a healthy body. As a result, they depend on diet pills and supplements to control weight as this seems to be the easiest available. Losing weight is perhaps the most difficult task one could ever think of. Various studies have revealed that only 15 percent of people are successful in losing weight using conventional methods of weight loss.

One such herbal compound that is popular as a weight loss supplement over all conventional dietary supplements is forskolin. This is found in within the roots of an Indian plant that is referred to as Coleus forskohlii scientifically. This herb has been in use since late 19th century is known to cure many types of diseases and severe medical conditions. Hence before you decide to purchase forskolin, let us make you aware about its wide varying benefits and uses.

Why should you consider taking Forskolin?

Forskolin has been widely used by people as a weight loss supplement; however there are no proven studies which can prove if it is actually worth in bringing any weight loss.Dieticians recommend intake of 250 grams of forskolin twice a day for obese people to help them get rid of excess fat.However,more studies need to be conducted to determine its actual usage in bringing weight loss.

The science behind weight loss through forskolin!

  • Forskolin works on reducing your fat cell size thereby letting you get rid of all the extra muscular mass and calories.
  • It keeps a check on your appetite thereby preventing you from eating more and taking up those extra calories.
  • By stimulating the release of stored fat in body it, leads to faster burning of fats during the times when body requires greater energy for work

Forskolin is often used to relieve puffiness and pressure in eyes which is a common symptom of glaucoma.Congestive disorders like cardiomyopathy which can result in failure of heart can also be treated using forskolin.There is no fixed quantity of forskolin determined till date that could decide its usage in treating different medical conditions. Infact, its amount and concentration can vary depending upon the nature of product.

A Look into Customer Reviews

The reviews of Forskolin have been quite varying and mixed. According to a customer, “I have taken forskolin supplements from past two months accompanied with regular exercise and diet regime; it has not brought any significant change on my weight. I think it’s a total waste of money.”

The Bottom Line

Lack of scientific studies about effectiveness and usage of forskohlin makes it quite apprehensive for people to consider using it or not.

Another reported, “It is a good alternative to other readymade diet supplements and has definitely helped me in reducing my appetite. “Results are also varying from person to person and hence there is no assurity regarding whether it would help you lose any weight or not!